Calligraphy for Charity (December 2012)

Here are five pieces of calligraphy I did in December 2012 for Bright Vision Hospital in Singapore. My small contribution was part of a project to adorn the white walls of the new extension with artwork to bring cheer to the patients — other people contributed photographs, paintings and drawings, of a much higher standard than my own work.

Calligraphy Workshop

Every year, I am deeply honoured to be invited by trainee teachers at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore, to conduct my Western Calligraphy 101 workshop at their annual Learning Festival.

This Festival is a splendid idea — lessons are cancelled for a large part of the day, and students and staff are encouraged to hold and attend workshops that teach skills not on the Institute’s curriculum, such as life-saving, muffin making, tea appreciation, and balloon sculpting.

I’m proud to report that my calligraphy workshop has been running for five years, and response continues to be very encouraging. Here are two photos from my workshop on 5 September 2012.


learn calligraphy alphabet

okay, i put this under freehand for indieart, but it's not really. this is a new calligraphy font i'm putting together called "bustardo". it's largely based on the batarde font (popular in 13-15th century france). there are some variations between the alphabets shown. please let me know which letters you like and dislike!

i like the third style all except the z. i liked the z from the


Cool Calligraphy Alphabhet

If you’re feeling courageous and want to try your hand at creating lettering for your wedding, they feature videos you can watch to learn how (but you might want to start learning 6 months or so before your invitations need to go out